EggsHigh quality organic eggs and free-range eggs

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Our organic egg

The Coccó organic egg is like no other. It is produced under the best conditions and has excellent properties due to our special attention at the care of our free hens´ organic feed

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An organinc egg is healthy

Coccó eggs have high protein, phosphorus, vitamin D and B12 contents; and a low sugar content. They are source of vitamin A and E, iron, zinc, selenium, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid.

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Quality and control of the egg

We control each stage of the process that our product pass through, from the hens´ feed to the packaging, ensuring the best quality and health control of our organic and free-range eggs.

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An excelent organic and free-range egg

Our personnel classifies with the consumer on mind. The A category eggs has a normal, intact and clean shell; a transparent, clean and with a gelatinous consistency egg white, free of extraneous matter; a bold color yolk due to the category of the feed consumed by our hens, rich in corn and cereals; and a height of the albumen that indicates the freshness of our product.

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The egg sorting...

The MOBA 2500 grading machine recieves the eggs from the housing of our hens. Our personeel classifies and controls avoiding cracked, fissured and stained shells and the non-compliant product.

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... And the packaging

With our recyclable boxes we conserve the eggs fresh and sheltered, keeping them in an optimal state until it reaches our consumer.

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Our free-range egg

Coccó free range egg is carefully treated to provide to the consumers a higher quality egg, which come from free hens mainly feed with cereals and corn