FarmLiving in freedom

farm outside

A wonderful location

The Serranos region is a natural enviroment with pines and savins perfect for our farms, where our hens run, fly and lay execellent free-range eggs.

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The Herrero Brothers

Diego and Javier Herrero are producing eggs for Coccó since 2012 and have a wide experience in the poultry sector. For them, the daily care of the free-range hens is a passion and they enjoy with this.

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From monday to monday

At 6 in the morning our hens wake up and we need to have everything ready for their daily routine. Cereals, water, parks, dustbaths and shelters are ready for the work day.

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We produce organic eggs and free range eggs

In Coccó we specialize in the alternative poultry, producing organic and free-range eggs. Our facilities with open doors to the parks are thought for our hens´ welfare and to obtain a natural food, happy eggs without confusion

inside the farm

The accomodations

The hens have in their homes all kind of possible luxuries, dark and quiet nesting boxes, perches, slats where they can rest from a long day's work, fountains and sufficient feeders for a rich in cereals diet.

hens shelter

Resting under the shade

Our hens like to take a break of the sunlight under the shades, a meeting point for them to have conversations about our daily farm activities and to enjoy the nature around our farm.

hen eating

We take care of our hens

Our pine forests and organic almonds trees provide them shelter, safety and welfare so they can lay free-range eggs