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countryside group hens eating

Forests, almonds and flowers

In our 30 hectares land, of pine forests and organic almond trees, our hens enjoy their long walks in freedom, crowing between them and beaking between the flowers

organic chicken farm outdoors

Field, field and more field

Our hens wander through the nature and love travelling throughout our fields. They enjoy with that and spend their days outside playing and beaking in a stressless enviroment.

countryside chicken farm outdoors

Dustbaths and sheldters

Our hens use sand for taking a bath and washing up themselves. We take care for their welfare, and for that we offer them abundant sand and dirt for them to take care of their plumage, designing specialized baths for that.

ecological chickens

Meet Altea and Antea

Altea is very healthy and likes to take care of her plumage while resting under pine shadows. Antea is more playful and enjoy peacking the flowers and plants of our parks. In Coccó we consider essential the welfare of our hens, which is fundamental for our hens to be healthy and produce safe eggs. They love roaming throughout our free fields.

ecological chickens group

We respect our enviroment

We are submitted to reduce the environmental impact of our farm. Among other measures, we reduce the emissions to the environment and manage appropriately byproducts and residues from the farms.

countryside chicken group

Their accommodations

Laying eggs is what our hens do best, therefore we ensure that they feel safe and relaxed in their calm nesting huts. A hen lays one egg every 26 hours, so they deserve privacy whenever it is required.

organic chicken eating

The best feeding

The feed of our hens is extremely watched. Our farmers apply rigorous biosecurity and illness prevention protocols on our farm, thus controling their sanitary state and feed´s quality